Frequently asked questions about I-Am

How to get in touch with I-AM team?

If you have a suggestions or find a bug you can always contact us via I-Am chat. Just reply I-Am team message. You can also write us an email: Looking forward for your mails!

I don't really get how to use application. Where should I start?

Tap on top right button to get into "Settings", below the screen you'll find "Help" - go in. We described all functions and possible issues into "Help" section. If you still have a questions - do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I use one account on different mobile devices?

Definitely you can. Tap on top right button to get into "Settings" and find "Transfer code" than follow the instructions.

I get notifications even during the night how can I mute them?

Of course you can. Tap on top right button to get into "Settings". You can manage sound, vibration and ability to receive a messages under "Notification" section.

What if I block user? Can I unblock him or her later?

If you block user you won't see each other and you won't be able to chat. Also all mention about this user will disappear from "Events". You can unblock all users simultaneously not by person. Therefore be carefull.
Have a nice chats!