Working in I-Am Team

Moderator/PR-manager in France

Duties when entering the office:

  • Check-out of all localization texts in stores.
  • Providing a list of the most popular sites that review mobile applications.
  • Providing a list of news agencies to distribute news releases.
  • Translation of news releases from english into french.

Regular duties:

  • Blogging on Facebook and Twitter and one or more local social network. Write 2-3 posts a day. One of them is a case example of the application in real life and others are jokes and funny pics to hold the audience attention. Also, sometimes posting news at our request (application updates, company news, etc.). Making competitions in the group on Facebook under the direct leadership of the Moscow office.
  • Events monitoring for possible participation. Offering sources to host promo materials. Taking the initiative to promote the application in French-speaking countries.


  • Perfect writing and speaking English and French.
  • Blogging experience.
  • Knowing the market of Mobile applications.
  • Diligence
  • Initiative


  • Work 3-4 hours a day for first two weeks (while doing duties when entering the office).
  • Then 2 hours a day.
  • There is a need to be in touch to an agreed hours of the day.
  • Compensation - 200 euro a month.

Please contact Juliana Titaeva directly: